Bioshock Infinite

What a beautiful game.  I’ve created some 2560×1440 (16:9 aspect) and some 3-monitor (48×9 aspect) versions of some great scenes.  I suppose these could be considered spoilers, but there’s no way you’re gonna know what the hell is going on unless you’ve played the game.

16:9 (2560×1440) Versions

columbia-2560 initiation-2560 initiation2-2560 fountain-2560 flock-2560 dewittoffice2-2560 dewittoffice1-2560 columbiastreet-2560 baptismwater-2560 baptism-25603-Monitor (5760×1080)
baptismwater-3mon columbia-3mon dewittoffice2-3mon flock-3mon fountain-3mon initiation2-3mon
Ultra-High-Resolution Multimonitor (2560×1440 x3)
A truly stunning game – quite a mental exercise as well.  Great job, Irrational Games!